Wheel Gymnastics Intro Programs | Classes

Wheel Gymnastics

Cyr Wheel also know as Simple wheel is part of a new trend of wheel gymnastics. No experience of gym..


Parkour / Wheel Combo class

Parkour / Wheel Combo class

This exciting new class is offering double the excitement of two urban sports. This class is one bus..


Acrobatic Gymnastics Programs | Classes

Acrobatic Gymnastics 6-17yrs

Acrobatic Gymnastics (Sport Acro)Acrobatic Gymnastics also known as Sport Acro is a g..


Aerial Circus Arts - Youth and Adults  Programs | Classes

Aerial Circus Arts - Youth and Adults

Aerial circus arts: Beginners through to intermediate level participants are welcome to explore..


Special Events and Dates:

Aug 24-27

Advanced Acro Training camp

JO 7-9 groups

Sept 6th

Bragg Creek Open House


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