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This is a new program and we will be developing more class opportunities in the future...

The Trampoline and Tumbling Program teaches the safety and developmental skills on trampoline, tumbling strip and from introductory to advanced levels. In a fun and encouraging environment, athletes gain leg strength, endurance, and good ‘air sense’ (being comfortable being upside down and twisting in the air). These classes are taught by certified and trained trampoline and tumbling coaches.

Class Details:

Ages: (8 plus)

Class length: 60 min 

Class weeks: 10

Class Schedule - see drop down to the right

Levels: Beginners & Intermediate students 

Clothing: We encourage girls to train in Leotard and stretch shorts, Boys T shirts and shorts. Club Gear available if students want to by it.

Note: students joining the program during the middle of the session, fees prorated accordingly. 

Class dates / Calendar

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Trampoline and Tumbling

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