Acrobatic studio FAQ

Please wait in the lobby or Designated area. No acrobatics in the lobby or hallways, you are welcome and encouraged to stretch while waiting (even come 10 min early to do more stretching).

  • Water – Keeping hydrated is an important part of physical activity – bring a water bottle to class.
  • Bag - to hold your extra belongings in on the side of the room.

What to wear for classes?

Coming soon - our new team gear for performances and training. 
The basics – Active clothing that is designed for being upside down in. No jeans, zippers or Dresses… Please remove all jewelry prior to class and have long hair tied back.
Acrobatic gymnastics

Female Attire:

Gymnastic Leotards are encouraged for girls - they are tight and stretchy allowing the gymnast to move freely.
Tightly fitted T shirts or Tank top worn over a leotard is acceptable.  
Capri leggings, Barr shorts or other tight shorts are encouraged 

Male Attire:

tight T shirt or tank top
Shorts - above the knee and fit well. 

Acrobatic Sparks (Small Children)

Gymnastic leotards are always recommended for girls, young children can wear a fitted t-shirt and shorts rather than a leotard. Choose fitted items without frills that could get in the way as the child moves. Tightly tuck in t-shirts and make sure that shorts will not fall down when your child runs or tumbles. Footless tights are acceptable, but tights with feet are a safety hazard.


beginners can get away with tightly fitted clothing. It is important to cover your legs and arms to avoid burns on silks. Leggings / tights and full arm tightly fitted T shirts.  
Advanced female students - leotards recommended.  Tight T shirt with covered arms, and full leggings are necessary. Yoga and dance wear offers great options as well. 

Wheel gymnastics

Funky indoor shoes only please  (Sneakers, Kicks, Runners, Ninja shoes, trainers, rubber soled shoes) 
Active clothing that is designed for being upside down in - no baggy T shirts here...
  • Class start – be on time or early – warm up is important
  • Class end – Ensure prompt pick up
  • Class viewing - more to come

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