Studio Terms & Conditions

We are committed to building the best program possible for your athlete and many others. This is a journey, and it is our passion.

Class policies:

·         Children must be the minimum age within 3 weeks of the class start date for ALL programs. Any exceptions must be validated by the coach.

·         The Acrobatic Studio reserves the right to cancel or change classes based on class size and coach availability. 

·         Extreme weather: Rarely in the case of extreme weather, we may have to cancel classes. No refunds will be given in this case, but a credit will be applied to your account and applied on your next months tuition.  

·         We do NOT offer make-up classes or trial classes

·         Clothing & Attire:

  • All athletes are required to train in appropriate clothing for there activity;
  • Acro
    • Female athletes should train in a gymnastic leotard, training shorts and bare feet. No jewelry allowed.
    • Male athletes should consult the coaches, generally fitted T shirts, appropriate shorts and bare feet.
    • Hair should be tied back and off the shoulders
    • No Jewelry is permitted for training
  • Aerial arts
    • Athletes should wear fitted clothing suitable for going upside down, No jewelry allowed and bare feet.
    • Hair should be tied back and off the shoulders
    • No Jewelry is permitted for training

Payment Policies & Tuition, Forms and refunds

***All Forms and membership fees are to be filled out and paid, prior to participating in Classes:

·         Each participant is required to fill out sign the forms: Notification of Risk & Personal Information Protection Act. 

·         Payment authorization form

·         Failing to complete the forms, will result in us canceling your registration and refunding the unused tuition. 

·         Our Programs annual studio membership fee is posted to your account and not included in the monthly Class Tuition. 

·         First Payment must accompany registration (1st Months tuition, + Membership fees)

·         Monthly training fees charge on the first of the month. Monthly tuition is based on 4 weeks, months with 3 weeks are prorated. Some months have 5 weeks, the bonus weak is not charged.

·         Note: For students joining the program during the middle of a month, fees are prorated accordingly.

·         Withdrawing from the studio

We would like everyone to find a successful experience in the studio. Sometimes this is not possible. Students wishing to leave the program must give 1 month notice in writing. No training, studio membership, or other fees will be refunded.


Club Promotion:

·         Promotional material:

The Acrobatic Studio may produce promotional material with the intentions of marketing and promoting the successes, programs, activates, athletes and staff. Please review the “PIPA” form for clarification and release or photos and other information that may be released of your athlete.

·         Personal Use

The use of the Acrobatic studio materials, logos or names must first be approved by the Acrobatic studio. Please see the head coach with any questions regarding personal promotional use such as releases for school events, etc…

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We are committed to providing  quality programs for adults & kids. 

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