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A Big Hello…

About us

The Acrobatic Studio is a place to grow! We are about supporting athletes. Recognizing their potential as both athletes and as people. Training the whole person starts with acknowledging where each individual is at, and unlocking a training path to grow their full potential. Athletes are taught success starts with great
foundations, and are challenged to leave their comfort zone through class exploration, performance and competition opportunities. We provide training in Acrobatic Gymnastics, Tumbling, and Aerial arts. Our mission is to
create quality programming and invest in our students & staff. Located in Springbank, where we service
the residence of Calgary, Bragg Creek, and Cochrane...

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Meeting Our amazing

Our quality coaches and staff are passionate about our
studio & programs. We look forward to sharing this,
and helping each student reach their goals.

Our Ensemble is Taking
Over the World Join Us Now

The Acrobatic Studio seeks highly motivated and enthusiastic coaches to join our coaching team. Send us your resume today info@acrobaticstudio.com.

Coach In Training (CIT):

Interested in becoming a gym coach. Coaches make positive impact on many of there students and such a highly rewarding job. Our coach in training program, is open to people 15 plus and involves in club training and NCCP certifications. Contact us & start your coaching journey.
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