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Weekly Schedule & Important Dates

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Registration for all recreational classes are on a monthly continuous fee structure. Train all year with the flexibility to cancel at anytime. During the year as you progress up levels, our staff will help you transfer to the new class time.

Tuition Fees:
Tuition (prices) are shown in the portal as per class.
Class tuition is calculated and charged monthly by our registration system. For students joining the program during the middle of a month, fees are prorated accordingly.
Training Fees will be charged to your account via Auto pay mid month, for the up coming month. Ie Feb training fees will be charged on Jan 15th.
Note: New registrations with in the last 2 weeks of the month will see 2 payments (pro-rated payment for 1-2 weeks, and then the up coming month’s training fees)

Monthly tuition is paid by our auto pay system. It is your responsibility to keep your information current in our system.

Late payments:
After 7 days a $15.00 late payment fee is added to your account.

Withdrawing from the studio:
Parents or students wishing to leave must reach us before the billing date to give notice. Ie withdrawal notice before the 14th, results in no training fees being billed on the 15th, and you can finish the 2 weeks of prepaid classes. Our Competitive programs have a different policy outlined in the handbook.

Refund Policy:

All cancelation requests must be submitted at least 4 weeks prior to the camp/lesson start date. Refunds are subject to a $30 cancelation/administration fee registration.

Cancelations less than 4 weeks from the start date are not eligible for  refund (including Medical). A credit will be added to your account. This credit on file is valid for 1 yr.

Important Studio Dates :

September 2022
2nd -5th – Studio closed for long weekend
6th – Start of recreational season – Aerial arts, Jump & Tumble, Extreme Gym.

October 2022
7-10th – Studio Closed for Thanks Giving
31st – Closed for Halloween.

November 2022
11th – Studio closed for remembrance Day

December 2022
16 – Jan 6th Studio closed – Christmas Break

January 2023
7th – Studio Open

February 2023
17th – 20th – Studio Closed for Family Day Weekend

March 2023

April 2023
7th – 10th Studio closed – good Friday weekend

May 2023
19 – 22 Studio closed – Victoria Day

June 2023
16th – End of recreational season – Aerial arts, Jump & Tumble, Extreme Gym.
16th – Summer break for recreational & competitive  programs

July 2023
17 – 27

– Summer camps

– Summer training for International Acro 1 & 2 – optional for Junior team

August 2023
14th – 24th

– summer camps

– Summer training for All competitive Acro

Team Events:

March 2023

  • Acro in the Park – March 4 -5th 2023 – Edmonton (All Acro Teams)


  • Vegas Acro Cup – April 11 – 16
  • Alberta Acro Provincials – April 29-30


  • 100% Acro – May 27 & 28 Calgary – Springbank (All acro teams & Aerial Team)


  • Acro Canadians