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Classes for Adults

Aerial circus arts, is a exciting class combining Aerial silks, Hoop and Trapeze. Students progress thru our 12 level program developing proper technique, conditioning and body awareness. As students skills and strength develop they move from foundation skills, into wraps, tricks and drops. Your sure to take your fitness routine to the next level. Beginners through to intermediate level participants are welcome to explore the exciting world of circus aerial arts.   FOUNDATIONS AND LOCKS – LEVELS 1, 2,& 3 WRAPS, TRICKS AND DROPS – LEVELS 4,5,6 [...]

Flex & Grow

Flex & Grow improve your Flexibility... Perfect for Acro, Gymnast, Dancers. Helping build better humans. 0 Sign up today

Tiny Tumblers (3-5yrs)

Our Tiny Tumbler program will help your child channel their boundless energy and reach developmental milestones in a structured environment. Tiny Tumblers is a fun and positive introduction to the sport of tumbling and the concept of fitness. The weekly classes develop confidence and build strength, balance and awareness. Register Now

Trampoline (6-17yrs)

New Program starting in Dec, 2023 Trampoline builds strength, power, courage, and confidence!  No matter what your focus is, Trampoline is totally FUN! We have high performance trampolines, as used in the Olympics. Our coaches are training and certified to provide high quality coaching. The Acrobatic Studio offers beginning, intermediate, and advanced trampoline classes to students 7 years and older. Our curriculum is based on structured progressions, with an emphasis on safety and progress. We insist on building a strong foundation before moving into big tricks. We [...]

Competitive Try outs

Competitive Acro Team Tryouts. Now is your chance to join the Acrobatic Studio’s highly acclaimed competitive Acro program! Our team athletes train hard, compete locally and internationally. Flexibility, strength, and coordination essential. ​Come for a tryout at no cost. Parents will be contacted individually in the following week to discuss their child's strengths and weaknesses, and recommended placement. ​Spaces are limited. Please email us at to book and assessment.

Try Before You Fly…

Try Before You Fly Are you curious about our programs? We are hosting some Sampler classes. Sampler classes give you a taste of what you would experience in our weekly classes. It is a great way to take the studio for a test drive... Look on our schedule for Classes which say Trial. You can book a Trial via our registration portal. After your trial is over you have the option to sign up.

Recreational Programs

Live, Learn, Grow... Click on the images to learn more... Ages 6 - 17 Tumbling Hand stands, Rolls, Cartwheels, Round offs, Hand Springs, and Flips Ages: 6 - 17 Trampoline Our recreational Trampoline program. New Starting in January 2024 Ages 7 - 15 and 16 - Adults Aerial Circus Arts Aerial Circus Arts Aerial silks, Hoop, Trapeze, and more... Ages 4 & 5 Tiny Tumblers A Foundation in tumbling for the small ones.

Studio Rules and Policies

Look Before you Leap ! For a safe and positive experience: 1. Proper attire must be worn. Baggy clothing is a safety concern. Female gymnast - Leotard & fitted shorts Male gymnast - fitted T shirts & shorts (coaches can advise) Aerials - Fitted top with small sleeves & Leggings (we also recommend a leotard underneath) *** All athletes are expected to wear appropriate training attire and may be asked to remove any additional clothing items deemed hazardous or inappropriate by the coaches. Athletes who come to [...]